Thursday, 26 April 2012


Train Car

Train car texture is nearly complete, just few tweaks. Need to desaturate it a bit add some hue/sat differences and try to break up the blue more with another color. Think some white paint decals here and there could do the job.
I've added some signs in few places, some tire tracks like this place have been used more to transport things and moved the palette out of the way so that there is a "rest area" in front of the main focal point. Erlier it was fighting more for attention with it becouse it was placed on a straight line with the focal point. Still need to work more on the foreground, midground and background with light. Nearly there ! Just need to tweak alot of stuff and re-arrange objects.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Light Update

Following the changes from the mornigng I did fiddle around more with the lighting. I have to say that its going into the right direction now. I am also texturing some leftover pieces at the moment. After that is done I can rerender my environment cubemap. I am still using the 3.3.9 version buld 3410. I think I might change it soon to the new version and add the Light beams from the lamps. The new version has a special shader for it. I am leaving it for last becouse I am a bit afraid that It might brake few things if I do it straight away and then work on the rest. Don't want to add alot more work hours before hand in.

some tests

I've added a quick environment cubemap an played around a bit with lighting, ToD and glossines of few materials to see where this is going to take me. So far it's been sucessfull. Gonna need to finish few specular maps and get back to this....  SHINY SHINY !

Monday, 23 April 2012


Here is the progress so far. There is a bit of texturing to do in few areas and assets but those are just finishing touches. After that I'll move on to dressing the environment properly and fixing material setups for everything. Those are just simple adjustments of glossines, hue/sat and material swaps. Lighting is still due to improve but that will have to come later in the week.

Wooden Crates & Grates

I have finally finished the wooden crates that will be mostly stored on the platforms between service tunnels and inside some trains.

Big: 292 Tris    Medium: 248 Tris    Small: 204 Tris

... and a CE3 shot

I have also made a quick service tunnel light grate. That will cover the lights inside the tunnels.

Sunday, 22 April 2012