Friday, 3 February 2012

Train wheels

Been modelling train tracks that will go on each of the train cars. They will also be used as a stand alone element on one of the tracks left for maintenance or repairs. I wanted to preserve some detail on it so I modeled a High poly and baked it down to the low. At the moment its quite high. 5k polys for it. A train car will have 2 of them so that will be 10k gone straight away. Will propably have to tweak them down a bit later on when I will need. Some of the train cars will be covering nearly half of it so there will be some parts that can be deleted since they won't be visible. At the moment I'll leave that as it is and continue with work.

High Poly

Baked Low Poly (Normals + AO)

Already imported it to CE3 and I noticed that I have some shadow issues going on from the top. The whole bit is welded so the shadow shouldn't be doing that there. Tried alot of different solutions but none worked. It's either something with the mesh or something to do with the shadow settings in the engine.

Will have to sort that out soon. Now I need to move on to next things.

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