Monday, 30 January 2012


Should have posted it some time ago actually. I've spend some time on adjusting the scale of the whole environment so I won't have to redo stuff too much once I start to produce modular elements. Blockout is pretty much done using solids in CE3. Now I need to figure out how to best approach the entire floor as this area is massive and it will require a mix of at least 3 tilable concrete textures. The floor will be supported also by other static meshes and a lot of decals (cracks, oil drops etc) to break up the tilability.

Here are some screenshots.

I am still trying to find an anwser to my question about floor. Solids or Geometry ? I know for sure that solids won't support vertex paint which I will need to mix up a couple of concrete textures. Second thing is that placing decals will be alot easier.... well I gues that the question is now rather how to approach it etc since it's a very large area. Will have to dig around the forums for that. 

Monday, 23 January 2012


My account has been locked since friday, so I've started to create some assets that will be in my environment. Still waiting for the admins to unlock it so I can continue with my work. In the meanwhile I did create a Lifter trolley thingy ... dunno really how to properly name it :P

Now working on the Train wheels that will be shared among all the train cars. Those need to be made in High to Low so I retain alot of detail on both texture and normal map. Will post some progress soon.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Learning CryEngine3

I've spend the whole weekend playing around and learning CryEngine3. I have learned how to create basic levels with both terrain and solids (CryEngineBSP). Solids are used only to block out stuff so that it can be later exported to 3Ds Max and worked over. That way I can set up a proper scale and work out my modular pieces correctly.

I have also learned the asset and meterial pipeline. To be honest it's pretty straight forward and easy. Learning the reuse of tiling textures and multi sub objects in my previous "Rooftop" project made an excelent base for further learning. I was quite amazed how close CryEngine3 and 3Ds max work between each other. It's like a symbiotic relationship which UDK lacked alot.
To test out and learn the asset and material exporting/importing pipeline I have imported my Forklift Truck into the engine.

I have also created a collision which is called "proxy" for it so that I could applie some surfice detail like metal to it. This way each time i shoot it it will react like metal and leave bullet holes in it. There are tons of different properties that can be used for surfices which I quite like a lot and all of them react differently.

 I've spend some time on digging through the CryEngine3 documentation over at There is alot of very important information there about asset and performance guidelines. While doing it I created a document for myself with all the important stuff I need to consider when doing my FMP which will definetively help.

One thing I still need to research is how to approach the terrain/floor creation in my level. That will be one of the goals for this week.
Main one is to blockout the space using solids so I can visualise the area a bit more. I will also create a train car wagon/wheels this week.

Well to sum it all up I think that CryEngine3 is brilliant. It's an perfect artist tool created for artists by artists ! This engine would be perfect for out course to use in the labs instead of UDK cause it doesen't relly mostly on creating fancy node based shaders and alot of technical stuff which is mostly hidden somewhere in the UI. CryEngine3 and 3Ds Max bond is so strong here that with all the knowledege gained through the course and personal learning it is very easy to just jump in and create content.

Friday, 13 January 2012

... more blueprints

Finally found the most important blueprints I need. Got around 10 different ones which I can base on. Those will definetively help with modeling.

Train Car Blueprints

Did a bit of research today towards getting some blueprints and technical specifications of the train cars I will be creating. I have checked some forums and websites devoted to trains. After that I figured out I could actually check which is the website of the company that gave me the permission to visit the train depot. There I have found a large PDF document with all the technical specifications, length, tonage and blueprints of every train car they own.
Those information will be very crutial in modeling because CryEngine3 uses the metric scale and having the lenght and witdh of them will make it all easier. Here are some quick shots I've made of the ones I will be creating.

Main Cargo Car that has sliding doors. Will propably modify it so that only middle one open.

Coal Car. This one can be duplicated and its colour will be changed to achieve some variation

Additional one that will be left to model last.

All of them use a very similar set of wheels 4 and 4. This way I can put the wheels on a seperate texture sheet and copy them over to save texture space and most importantly time.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Blockout Explained

Here I have explained a bit how each of the area of the blockout refer to the reference pictures I have taken.

Transit - Blockout

To visualize the place a little bit more I have made a simple blockout that will serve me as a guidence for spaceing out the modular pieces.This also will help in understanding the space a little bit more.

From this point in the production phase I will be creating modular elements that will fit the grid.
The size of this project is still very big but a bit smaller then the dockyard. To be honest I am very happy that I went through the whole process of generating the ideas and the end one turned out to be a great one. Not only that but it's also much more menageable in the time ammount we have then the previous idea. If I would have sticked to my previous one without the first hand reference I would be stuck in it several times and that would lead to not finishing the project in time.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Visit to the Trainyard & Big Change

After Christmas I recieved a letter from the Trainyard authorities which allowed me to take pictures all over the place. I have phoned them and set a meeting which I had today. Unfortunetly I was unable to get to the shipyard and the dock area. I phoned them and send letters but they refused to give me a pass. Don't know why exactly. They said that they can't let anyone take pictures even tho I stated it's for academic use and I am not from any newspaper or something.
Anyway it's actually good becouse being at the trainyard today inspired me very much to create an interior scene from the main carrige reperal hangar. At the moment I don't have any interior environments in my portfolio so that will be a plus. Also the scene won't be too big to manage for one person in the ammount of time I got. Its still gona be big but not as open world as my previous blockout one. Being at the place made me realize what I need to create and how can I approach this. It also made me understand the overall feeling and lighting conditions that are there. Without having the same thing in the shipyard it could lead to a massive confusion and a fail..... So in one word. It's bach to the drawing board. Now with all the reference I got I can properly do a prep and a blockout for the stuff I need to create.

Here are some photos I have taken from the trainyard.

Those were taken outside. Tons of ref and detail for modeling my train carriges. Then I went inside the big hall where all the fun part was :)
This is basicly the are I will be doing for my FMP. A train carrige Transit.

Overall I took around 400 Pictures at the place. Most of them are detail for modeling and textures.
Now I finnaly know what I need to do so I'll be blocking out the area and carefully think what to add to it to make it more interesting. Will post some updates soon.

I have also renamed the project to "Transit" as well as the blog site.