Sunday, 15 January 2012

Learning CryEngine3

I've spend the whole weekend playing around and learning CryEngine3. I have learned how to create basic levels with both terrain and solids (CryEngineBSP). Solids are used only to block out stuff so that it can be later exported to 3Ds Max and worked over. That way I can set up a proper scale and work out my modular pieces correctly.

I have also learned the asset and meterial pipeline. To be honest it's pretty straight forward and easy. Learning the reuse of tiling textures and multi sub objects in my previous "Rooftop" project made an excelent base for further learning. I was quite amazed how close CryEngine3 and 3Ds max work between each other. It's like a symbiotic relationship which UDK lacked alot.
To test out and learn the asset and material exporting/importing pipeline I have imported my Forklift Truck into the engine.

I have also created a collision which is called "proxy" for it so that I could applie some surfice detail like metal to it. This way each time i shoot it it will react like metal and leave bullet holes in it. There are tons of different properties that can be used for surfices which I quite like a lot and all of them react differently.

 I've spend some time on digging through the CryEngine3 documentation over at There is alot of very important information there about asset and performance guidelines. While doing it I created a document for myself with all the important stuff I need to consider when doing my FMP which will definetively help.

One thing I still need to research is how to approach the terrain/floor creation in my level. That will be one of the goals for this week.
Main one is to blockout the space using solids so I can visualise the area a bit more. I will also create a train car wagon/wheels this week.

Well to sum it all up I think that CryEngine3 is brilliant. It's an perfect artist tool created for artists by artists ! This engine would be perfect for out course to use in the labs instead of UDK cause it doesen't relly mostly on creating fancy node based shaders and alot of technical stuff which is mostly hidden somewhere in the UI. CryEngine3 and 3Ds Max bond is so strong here that with all the knowledege gained through the course and personal learning it is very easy to just jump in and create content.

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