Monday, 30 January 2012


Should have posted it some time ago actually. I've spend some time on adjusting the scale of the whole environment so I won't have to redo stuff too much once I start to produce modular elements. Blockout is pretty much done using solids in CE3. Now I need to figure out how to best approach the entire floor as this area is massive and it will require a mix of at least 3 tilable concrete textures. The floor will be supported also by other static meshes and a lot of decals (cracks, oil drops etc) to break up the tilability.

Here are some screenshots.

I am still trying to find an anwser to my question about floor. Solids or Geometry ? I know for sure that solids won't support vertex paint which I will need to mix up a couple of concrete textures. Second thing is that placing decals will be alot easier.... well I gues that the question is now rather how to approach it etc since it's a very large area. Will have to dig around the forums for that. 

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