Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Visit to the Trainyard & Big Change

After Christmas I recieved a letter from the Trainyard authorities which allowed me to take pictures all over the place. I have phoned them and set a meeting which I had today. Unfortunetly I was unable to get to the shipyard and the dock area. I phoned them and send letters but they refused to give me a pass. Don't know why exactly. They said that they can't let anyone take pictures even tho I stated it's for academic use and I am not from any newspaper or something.
Anyway it's actually good becouse being at the trainyard today inspired me very much to create an interior scene from the main carrige reperal hangar. At the moment I don't have any interior environments in my portfolio so that will be a plus. Also the scene won't be too big to manage for one person in the ammount of time I got. Its still gona be big but not as open world as my previous blockout one. Being at the place made me realize what I need to create and how can I approach this. It also made me understand the overall feeling and lighting conditions that are there. Without having the same thing in the shipyard it could lead to a massive confusion and a fail..... So in one word. It's bach to the drawing board. Now with all the reference I got I can properly do a prep and a blockout for the stuff I need to create.

Here are some photos I have taken from the trainyard.

Those were taken outside. Tons of ref and detail for modeling my train carriges. Then I went inside the big hall where all the fun part was :)
This is basicly the are I will be doing for my FMP. A train carrige Transit.

Overall I took around 400 Pictures at the place. Most of them are detail for modeling and textures.
Now I finnaly know what I need to do so I'll be blocking out the area and carefully think what to add to it to make it more interesting. Will post some updates soon.

I have also renamed the project to "Transit" as well as the blog site.

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