Friday, 13 January 2012

Train Car Blueprints

Did a bit of research today towards getting some blueprints and technical specifications of the train cars I will be creating. I have checked some forums and websites devoted to trains. After that I figured out I could actually check which is the website of the company that gave me the permission to visit the train depot. There I have found a large PDF document with all the technical specifications, length, tonage and blueprints of every train car they own.
Those information will be very crutial in modeling because CryEngine3 uses the metric scale and having the lenght and witdh of them will make it all easier. Here are some quick shots I've made of the ones I will be creating.

Main Cargo Car that has sliding doors. Will propably modify it so that only middle one open.

Coal Car. This one can be duplicated and its colour will be changed to achieve some variation

Additional one that will be left to model last.

All of them use a very similar set of wheels 4 and 4. This way I can put the wheels on a seperate texture sheet and copy them over to save texture space and most importantly time.

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