Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hanging Lights

I've had to redo (rebake and re-uv) the lights that I have made erlier. That includes hanging lights, strip light and tunnel lights which I had on 1 texture sheet. I've fixed the mistake by seperating them into smaller textures so each of them are using a 512. So now I got 2x512's for all of them instead of 1x1024. This will be also usefull when it will come down to color of the glow submaterial on them. Though after reimporting the meshes I realized that there is a problem with glow. For some reason the mesh in CE3 doesen't recognize the glass as ID 2. Double checked everything and it should be working. Will have to come back to that fix a bit later. Here are some screens from the lights. Textures for the hanging one are done. Working now with the strip light & tunnel light.


CE3 shot

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