Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rail Hoists

The day started really good today. Had a interview with The Creative Assembly and it went really well. After that I wen't back staright to work. So to continue upon what I mentioned in the erlier post. I woke up in the morning yesterday and thought that it wouldn't be a train maintenance depot without anything risen up to break up few things and make it more interesting. Although it wasn't planned I found that it will be a great idea for another area of interest. I have put aside texturing the train for now and started modeling. I managed to finish the High poly and low poly of this rail hoist in day of work which I was quite happy about. Still got some texturing left on it as I only did a first quick pass and to see what color would fit so I won't have too much blue around from the trains.

Here is the High Poly

... and the low with quick color overlay on the diffuse

did some quick tests to see how would it fit color wise

There is a bit more to it than the pillars. The control panel and all the wires are still in progress to make it more believable. I still need to change the floor beneath it by altering the floor mesh so that I will still have a small portion of a service tunnel underneath the train.

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