Sunday, 27 November 2011

Blockout Brakedown

The blockout brakedown has a purpose to show exactly what will go where. All my gathered initial reference pictures put into use referencing to the blockout.

As you can see there is alot of areas to cover so I have devided them with the importance volumes.

Here are the areas of importance when producing the environment. Green areas are the most important parts that need to be done no matter what. Blue ones on the other hand are just additions which can be created later on when there is still time. However I will be concentrating on the green areas and polish them as highly as I can so it might come to this that the blue areas will never be built. Sometimes less is better... well in most cases it is :P

I have still yet to decide on couple of things. This blockout here is just a Pre-Blockout to get the overall idea. I need to fiddle around with the green area more and make a couple of more blockouts from it to see how I can differently arrange elements to create a perfect scene that will make sense.

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