Sunday, 27 November 2011

Reference continued...

The dockyard wouldn't exist without some great buildings and structures. Erlier on throughout my research I came across an amazing complex located in France called Le Carreau Rodolphe. It is an abbandoned coal transit facility with a bit of a trainyard. It looks like something that would be refered for another "STALKER" game and that is why it made me interested in it. Also I love how it brakes up the sky with all the vertical connections between blocks. Great structure !

The way it looks and its build will allow me to make modular pieces that I could arrange and add in different ways to get a perfect look and fit it to my environment.

The only bit I think won't fit to my environement would be the roof of this structure. It's not very communistic 80's style. Might change it to more angular, blocky sort of brutalism style and mix up the concrete parts with some folded metal panels which would put some sort of a contrast in that element of the environment. Will see how it goes further.

I won't be able to go and visit that place but I got some very simmilar structures back home which I could refer to and mix up with the idea of Le Carreau Rodolphe.

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