Sunday, 27 November 2011

New FMP Idea

I have revised what I could actually create for my FMP but also having in mind getting the first hand reference. There is no better place for this than my hometown really. Szczecin - Port city with one of 2 largest dockyards in my country which is now closed and abandoned.

Here is a view of the centre of my city. You can see how large are the areas covered with docks and cranes. Becouse my hometown has a shipyard, alot of docks and its close to the sea, the rest of Poland thinks that Szczecin lies on the sea coastline. Well they are all wrong becouse we got like 100 km to it :P Bunch of retards.
There is tons of reference to get from for my project. The main area to get refference from would be the shipyard where all the major strikes and "Solidarność" had it's beggining in the early 80's to repeal communism which eventually happened in '89. My Grandfather was a member of Solidarność but he was working in "POLMO" which was also one of the biggest Factory in my city. Closed down in the early 90's. He worked on "Junak" motorcycles.

This is the Junak motorcycle. Pride of the socialist technological invention ! Old photo taken in my hometown. You can see the shipyard Elevator in the background.
In short words I will propably base my Idea on the shipyard and dock areas from my hometown as this would be very interesting and game arty to do as a game environment project.

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