Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Elevator !

Another building which would be a part of my environment would be The Elevator building of my hometown's shipyard. It's still in use so there might be a problem to get into it close. However I will only need a sihlouette ref and some materials becouse this building will be in the far distance in my environment as a part of the "NEW HAVEN" dock. I will explain it more in the future post about blockout once I get into it.

I will need to modernize the building a bit as it will be the more modern/futuristic part of the dock in the distance for the player to look at ... some sort of a new hope. That will be the contrast between the old part of the dockyard and the new part.
I really like the colosal feeling about this building. It's sihlouette is very simple. Adding a little touchups to it will make it even better with all the modernized Cranes serrounding it and all the lights.

The Elevator looks brilliant at night with alll the lighting going on. This is how I imagine the mood of the environment to be like.

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