Sunday, 27 November 2011

Good. So it's settled !

I am quite happy that the tutors liked my presentation on my FMP. I am also very excited on what I will be doing as it will be a part from where I come from made into a game environment for my portfolio. This will be a perfect piece becouse it covers alot of skills for my portfolio.
I already have an achitecture/foliage based environment and this would be more Metal/Concrete based piece with a contrast between new and old parts of the dock. It is a lot of work as I look at it now but with proper planning and pre-concepting I will be able to pull it off. All the modularity in buildings will allow me to quickly construct them by doing the textures first and then wrapping them around the buildings. Most scarry part will be creating a good terrain for everything to fit on. This is my weakest point at the moment which I will be trying to improve buy this environment. I also don't want to create too much overgrown and foliage in this one becouse that's not the whole point of that environment.
I just need to make few more test blockouts and sattle on one. Now I need to focus on creating my proposal document with all the technical specifications etc. Newer blockouts will have to wait till I go back home and get my first hand reference on the site. Then I will have more resources to salvage ideas from :)

Well that's the end of reposting my posts from my old fmp blog. I've updated some posts and made them longer with proper pictures from my presentation. I will continue to post my future progress on this blog !

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