Sunday, 27 November 2011

Other Structure Reference.

Apart from the building i have covered in erlier posts I will need to gather some more reference to cover other areas. The area can't have just 1 building complex in the main playable area. For this I will be roaming around the areas of the docks to gather structural reference simmilar to those ones. Most of those on the panels are there.

I have also got tons of other reference from my hometown I have gathered through last 2 years when I was back home. I have took pictures in the gasworks area near the main river and dockside that I visited during the Easter brake in year 1. This was built by the Nazis around 1920's. Well back then Szczecin was named Stetin and was a part of Germany. Here are some sample photos
This photo is from the 1920's when it was freshly built. Wanted to show you how it looked back then and how it looks now.Amazing structure. Looks like a perfect Anti-Zombie Fortress to be in when the Zombie apocalypse happens xD

I have also got a nice set of pictures taken this summer from an abandoned and devastated paper incinerator factory which you can find on my main Art Blog. Here is a link to that post.

ThreeDeeRage - Environment Ref

So as you can see there is tons of interesting places I got back home to fit any sort of kind game art project :)

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