Sunday, 27 November 2011

Trainyard Idea

When I looked at what I could actually implement into the environment I thought of the ammount of trainyards I have in my hometown. This could be a nice touch. Mixing a dockyard with a trainyard. Previously I concidered it as just a place to get a reference for the buildings and textures but now I think I could easily implement it into the idea. I think that going through this procerss of shuffeling ideas made it a bit stronger and I am quite happy that I went through all of it. It is sort of mixing the first idea which I had with the abandoned trainyard with the new dock one.

Back home I have two large places of interest which are the Locomotive trainyard and the carriage yards. Both of them are basicly factories with loads of space to repair and trash old ones. They also make new ones there for use at the docks.

I used to go there as a kid when I was 10 with school trips and found it quite interesting. Tho back then I wasn't that enthusiastic about it as I am now looking from an art perspective on it.
Inside the main building they had a small electric powered model of the area with model trains for the kids to play around but it wass all behind glass so no damage would come to it. I guess thats where I got my love for my train models I've been collecting over the years as a kid.

Got alot of them back home in a box. Alot of different locomotives and carriges. Was a bit of my childhood hobby back then :)

So going back to the topic. Some Reference pictures of the style and a picture of some game art models. That is the kind of quality I will be aiming at to achieve.

Making a couple vehicles for the level will be sort of a challenge but with proper timing I think I will pull it off. I am very interested in making them for the level so that will keep me focused on that aspect more.
This will be one of 3 most important places to visit for reference. Can't wait to lure into it again after the years with my SLR camera :)

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