Sunday, 27 November 2011

FMP Ideas part 4

FMP - Cathedral

This was my original idea for my FMP which I already have it planned since the second semester of Year 2. Beautifull sculpted Gothic architecture with stained glass and moody ligthing. For this project I would create an Cathedral Interior based on one of the places I visited and would visit for further research. I have already visited 2 Cathedrals and took reference pictures. One in my hometown and one in ToruĊ„ a city in the middle of poland where there was one of the largest teutonic knights castles and which is Copernicus hometown

Statue of Copernicus

The only main problem I have with this Idea is that one of last year FMP was also a cathedral and I don't really want to repeat that. Also I already have one "Architecture" project in my portfolio.

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