Sunday, 27 November 2011

FMP Ideas part 1

FMP - 1940's Warsaw

One of my ideas for my Final Major Project is to recreate Warsaw capital city of my "Motherland" :P just before the II World War. Inspired by movies like "The Pianist", "Shindler's List" and a polish series "Stawka większa niż życie" which translates to "More than a life at stake". That was a brilliant Polish series about Hans Kloss a polish spy who made it into the german Abwehr. He was the allied informator inside the lions den of german nazis. Here is a short clip of the intro movie from that series which was made in the early 60's.

So generally speaking the project will aim on recreating a bit of the city under the nazi occupant. Partly destroyed after 1939 but most of it still intact. In 1945 the city was tottaly devastated. It was the most destroyed city in the world after world war II.

I could get my refrence for this project from the City as some of the old structures were rebuilt after the war. Also there is an Warsaw Uprising Museum in the city which I could visit to gather more reference.

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